Warehousing and Logistics POS System

POS Systems for Warehousing and LogisticsThe ARZPOS System for warehousing and logistics offers a complete solution for travel, transportation, warehousing and logistics companies looking to manage their inventory and transportation requirements more effectively.

This amazing software comes fully Loaded with lots of powerful tools and features  and our solution suits all size businesses from small to large establishments with exceptional fast track tracking and inventory control.

Features & Benefits Include:

  • Easy to use for staff & management
  • Customisable to your individual business needs
  • Works across a range of devices
  • Shipping programs,
  • Integration with online systems
  • Maintaining stock control
  • Scalable as your business grows
  • Packed with full installation, training and 24/7/365 support
  • Powerful and flexible reporting capabilities
  • Fast Efficient decision making with real-time market and customer insights
  • Tighter integration of people, systems, and processes  both internally and externally
  • Greater adaptability – to quickly match capacity to demand and drive growth
  • Enhanced collaboration across your network of trading partners and customers
  • Improved resource utilisation (human, moving, fixed) and maintenance
  • Optimised processes for tracking and managing events in the transportation lifecycle
  • Greater control over transportation and operational spend – from fuel to landed costs
  • Simplified global operations and reduced lead variability

What the ARZ POS Warehousing and Logistics System provides

Streamline your operations and better manage your fixed and moving assets for improved margins.

With the ARZPOS System software for the transportation, travel, logistics and warehousing industry can help you deliver higher value services to your customers – whether you’re a carrier, logistics service provider, or sell and stock  products or your simply a logistics services provider, ARZ POS can effectively manage your day to day operations.

The ARZ POS system utilises the very best in technology providing a stable platform for all your point of sale needs. We also provide hardware (if required) or can integrate the software into the existing hardware you use.

The logical menu and structure is simple and easy to understand. Performing price changes, adding new items and processing of customer orders can be done quickly and efficiently.

Want to find out more? Contact one of our friendly staff for more information or book an online demonstration today!

POS Systems by industry

RESTAURANTS – Our POS System for Restaurants is one of the best on the market. It is completely customisable to suit your businesses needs and provides options for scalability to grow as your business grows.

CAFES – The ARZ POS System is ideal for cafes, and coffee shops. The functionality includes a variety of options and can be set up with specific features that other systems don’t offer.

BARS & CLUBS – Designed specifically for bars and clubs you can manage your stock efficiently. Speed up the transaction process and more. With it’s user friendly interface, its quick to train new staff.

FRANCHISES – Is your business expanding? The ARZ POS System for franchises has all the features you need. Manage multiple locations from one terminal with a variety of custom functions to suit your needs.

BAKERIES – All Bakeries are different and our POS System for bakeries is one of the best on the market. It is completely customisable to suit your businesses products and encompasses all of the features you need.

HOTELS – Our POS System for hotels, comes with a huge range of features. You can manage tour reservations, kitchens, staff and more all on the one system with the scalability to add new features in the future.

LOGISTICS & WAREHOUSING – Starting out in the retail Industry? ARZ POS can help. Our POS System can be tailored to include a variety of custom functions to suit your franchise’s specific requirements.

RETAIL OUTLETS – Looking to upgrade your current POS System? ARZ POS can help. Our POS System can be tailored to include a variety of custom functions to suit your retail outlet’s specific requirements.